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Dev Log

Patch 1.3: Spell Mechanics, Critters and Ninjas!

March 14, 2024

New Spells:
Staves and Rods dropped by monsters now unlock unique Spellcasting mechanics, on top of increased damage/speed when compared to default spells. The new spell categories are:
 • Etherial Spells: These won't be destroyed upon collision, hitting multiple targets along its trajectory.
 • Explosive Spells: Explode upon hitting an obstacle, damaging enemies in the vicinity.
 • Web Spells: Create an AoE upon hitting an obstacle, damaging enemies that step on it.
 • Vortex Spells: Conjure an Elemental Vortex upon hitting an enemy. Vortexes will roam for a short time, dealing extra damage to anyone in their path.
 • Orb Spells: Conjure an Elemental Orb upon defeating an enemy. Orbs will pursuit the next closest enemy.

New Monsters:
Web-weaving critters have made their way into every arena. Defeat them for a chance to wield the highly coveted Critter Staff, unlocking the newly added Web Spell!
Furthermore, the Ruins Arena has been taken by Ninjas! They are the fastest enemies yet, but defeating them may grant the fastest spell that a Necromancer can cast, which also explode on contact!

Waves Rebalance:
Every arena has been carefully reviewed and the hordes of enemies have been re-written to ensure a more balanced and diverse gameplay.

-- Gus


Patch 1.2: Titans and Berserk mode!

January 22, 2024

Titan Boss Battle:
The Fire and Frost titans, Magmight and Tentacula, have made their way deep into the Volcano and Glacier arenas!
Necromancers will first have to defeat the respective Arena Champions for an encounter with these primordial deities.

Berserk Mode:
Level XV Necromancers now have the option to purchase the Elixir of Fury. Drinking it drastically boosts damage dealt and received within an Arena, for a high-risk, high-reward experience!

New Achievements:
Lastly, three new Achievements related to the updates above are available to Necromancers who are up to the challenge!

-- Gus

Patch 1.1: Achievements

November 20, 2023

Starting today you'll unlock Achievements while playing Necromancers' Arena on Steam!
Other than that, I've worked on some minor changes based on player feedback.
Now I'm working on a Battle Mode that will hopefully roll out with Patch 1.2 in December.
Stay tuned and don't hesitate to reach out with suggestions and feedback!

-- Gu


New Content: Haunted Manor Arena

June 16, 2023

Meet Patches, the Champion of the Haunted Manor Arena!

Had a lot of fun making this character by putting together assets from previously designed characters, and I hope that you'll enjoy battling against them when* Necrorena comes out!

-- Gus


*psst! That's on October 31st.
wishlist Necrorena on Steam so you don't miss out
... ;)

New Content: Neferet's Temple of Love

May 10, 2023

A new Arena will be available for players who dare challenge the most skilled champion yet: Neferet, Goddess of Love!

Necrorena will be out on Halloween. Meanwhile, you can have a sneak peek on our deadliest boss battle on our youtube channel by clicking on Neff below:

-- Gus


Necromancers' Arena on Steam!

April 24, 2023

Great news for our Mac, PC, Linux and Steam Deck users: Our Steam page is finally up!

So make sure to Wishlist Necromancers' Arena so you don't miss out on our game's premiere (psst, it's on Halloween).

Console players, stay tuned! News on console porting for Necrorena will be posted here as companies get beck to us.

-- Gus


Welcome to our Dev Log!

April 10, 2023

We're excited to announce that our debut game, Necromancers' Arena, is in its final stages of development and will launch on Steam on Halloween 2023!
Our Mac, PC and Linux ports are confirmed and our Steam Page is currently under review. I'll post a link here as soon as it's online.

Necrorena (for short) is a local co-op twin-stick shooter; in other words, a party game. That said, console porting is our top priority and we're reaching out to xBox, PlayStation and Nintendo to try and get our game in their stores by Oct 31st as well.
I'll keep you updated on console ports as each company gets back to us.

-- Gus

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